Saturday, March 5, 2011

From mens shirt to womens apron!

Ok, I am SO SORRY about the lack of a project last week! To make up for it, I have two this week, one of which I am posting right now and the other which I will post either later tonight or possibly tomorrow.

Inspiration struck for this project when I was walking my dog a couple of nights ago. It was pretty cold so I borrowed my dad's flannel shirt to keep me warm. It was way big on me and I noticed that it was the PERFECT length for an apron! So I decided to ask him if he had any shirts I could have to cut up, and lucky for me, he had this nice shirt that was just a bit too small for him.

Now, honestly, I forgot to take pictures along the way. But what I basically did was put on the shirt and then use a pencil to draw where I wanted the edges to be. Then cut about a quarter to a half inch away from that to leave room for sewing. I also left a strip around where my waist is for the ties. Once you sew it up, you're done! It's that easy.

Now, on me the straps were a little too smal to make a bow; I could only double knot it. So to make it longer, I bought some ribbon and sewed it on! Voila, an adorable bow~

For the next project, I used the cuffs of this same shirt, but that's for later! If you want to try this out yourself and need some clarification (since I don't have as many pictures), feel free to ask~
xo, caro

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