Sunday, May 1, 2011

from too-short dress to shirt and headband!

Alright, I was all geared up to post this MUCH sooner but some stuff happened. I had taken all the pictures (before, mid, and after) and edited them all, and saved them on my computer. Since I had them on my computer, I deleted them from the camera. Unfortunately, my computer got a really, really nasty virus and I had to completely restart my computer from scratch, thus losing allllllllll my files, including the photos. Luckily, picnik saves the last 5 photos you've worked on, so i got the befores and afters but lost the mid-way photos, ughhhhhh but it's pretty easy to describe.

ANYWAYS, I started out with this dress:
It doesn't look thatttt nice in the picture, but the print is AWESOME and I really liked it. However, it had shrunk in the wash and was way too short for me. If I can't bend over to pick up my dog's doodie on our daily walks, then I'm not gonna wear it. But I just couldn't give up that beautiful print, so I came up with an alternative. 

I cut off a little more than six inches off the bottom. I cut that long strip into about four shorter pieces, and then cut the width into three pieces. I braided those three pieces together, knotted the ends, and attached each end to a hairband. Voila, easy new head band!!!
 Now there was obviously a lot of the dress left so I asked my DARLING, WONDERFUL, AWESOME mom to sew the bottom edge for me (a lettuce stitch to match the ruffle-y sleeves) and now it is an pretty shirt! I love how it came out.
Also, thanks to my mom for taking this photo~ You're the best!
You can do the headband with any old t-shirt, its a great, cute way to recyle!
xo, caro


  1. That is a gorgeous print. Your shirt and headband ended out really nice. I really want to do this with one of my old dresses now!

  2. I think the headband is really cute. Great idea!