Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make a cute floral brooch~

Hey-o! I've really got to start doing more than one post a week, it feel too weird! My best friend, Brenda, got back from Mexico this week though, and I roped her into being my photographer, so I'm going to start doing a once-a-week 'What I Wore' feature! If you guys don't like it, I'll stop, though, haha.

Alright! I actually made this really early this week, but I have been so busy (school started this week!) that I hadn't had time to upload the photos, let alone write this. The project, itself, it really simple and won't take you more than 5 minutes!

I started out with some felt, a really cheesy pin, and a really pretty button.

Choose what felt you use, keeping with a common color scheme. I used reds because a) the button is a dull red and b) Valentine's Day is coming up! Next, cut your felt into circles, making sure the biggest one is bigger than the button you're using. I only did three layers but you can do as many or little as you want!

It doesn't matter if the circles are ~perfectly~ even. I used three different size cups to measure them. Next, just cut a cute pattern on the edge! You can do a different design for each circle or a more uniform one.
please ignore my ugly unpainted nails!

Just fold up the felt into fourths (or more for the biggest one) and cut the edge like you would a paper snowflake! I did a little different pattern on each one, and on the smallest one I did a heart-like shape in honor of Valentine's. To finish it up, I sewed the button on through all the layers, which also keeps them together. Then, just hot-glue the flower on top of your ugly pin, and there you have it! An adorable flower brooch! You can use it as just a pendant, to spruce up a plain bag, or, as I did, to give a loose sweater a more fitted look. Here's how I wore mine:
Can't wait to see how you make this your own! xo, caro


  1. Nice idea ;) I want to know , hOw do you do the flower, Did you have more pictures, kind of a tutorial ;)

  2. thanks!! i didnt post this picture but here is a close up of the flower:

    as you can see, you really just cut out a pattern on the edge and sew them together in the middle, haha. its really not complicated at all.