Monday, January 24, 2011

Hang your photos without holes!

A post at the beginning of the week?! I know, crazy! I had this idea on Saturday and happened to have most of the supplies, and the rest I got today, so with out further ado~

I have been looking for cute ways to show off photos and art I've gotten, because there is no room for picture frames. However, just using thumb tacks to hang pictures isn't so cute, besides the fact that it leaves little holes in your lovely art or photos. You can use alligator clips, but I wanted something a little more fun. So, I came up with this easy idea.

All you need are some clothespins, ribbon, and some cute decorations. First, I painted some nice, bright colors. Er, you can't really tell in the photo, but the two that look sort of light blue are actually white, and the ones that look a little yellow are actually bright yellow! Next, I covered them with fake flowers. I just hot glued them on, but I felt they looked a liiiiitle bit plain, so I did a little decoration on the bottom with Sharpies
The colors ended up making them look a little Easter-eggish...oh well, still cute! Then you take a long piece of ribbon and tie little bows on the end. Spread the ribbon flat on a table and lay the clothes pin evenly across, then hot glue them in place.

The bows will cover the pins you'll use to hang them in the wall. Then, just hang it where you want it and clip your photos/art in!

The great thing about this is that you can use whatever you want to decorate it so it can fit your room!

ps: the lovely artwork is by amy and amber

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