Saturday, January 8, 2011

From peanuts to pencils!

Hey guys~! The first project, aren't you excited? I cut it pretty close to the deadline this week, problems kept coming up!

For this first project, I decided to go with something reaaaally simple, anyone can do it. All you need is a can, felt, scissors and a hot glue gun.  I transformed a boring old peanuts container to a cute pencil/brush/scissors/anything holder! Here it goes.

A while ago, my mom and I were a little obsessed with peanuts. That's where this huge container came from:

I was using it to hold all my colored pencils, but man, was it an eyesore. I got the idea to transform it from this adorable owl dress. One night, my friend Brenda and I spent and hour or so cutting out all these little leaf shapes!
We actually cut out a bit too many, got kind of carried away! Next, just hot-glue the leaves in an alternating pattern. I did the top layer first, then down from there. I only got burned once, woo-hoo!! Here's the end product:

I think it's pretty darned cute! Now, with that peanut container you could peel off the label and there was that shiny silver underneath. I left it that way for now, but might go back and paint it blue later so it doesn't stand out as much!

So there's my first project! Whew~! Let me know if you try it. xo, caro

ps, sorry about the picture quality! I'm saving up for a better camera.


  1. that is so cute! love the color scheme!

  2. I like it. I might try it with some vintage fabric I have laying around.

  3. thank you~

    Robyn, thats a great idea! I think this would look really cute with some patterned fabrics. But I have this huge box of felt I need to use up, so that's why I used these flat colors. If I make another one, I think I'll try out some cute florals.

  4. I love this!! :)

  5. With the leaves, that is damn cute and creative. Love this! I need to write this one down :)

  6. Cute idea!
    -Allison Kaye

  7. So cute! I'm putting this on my list of projects to do!